Work around Old Prolific USBtoSerial drivers

Installing the Prolific PL-2303 driver and the “The device cannot be started (code 10)” was very much a heartacha and virually impossible.
Apparently the driver from does work.
However I think the installer program corrupts SER2PL.SYS, the very driver that is needed.  Here’s my workaround.

Download from Prolific

And from
1. Download ser2pl.sys
2. Don’t worry about the other 3 or 4 files that come with it ALL YOU NEED IS SER2PL.SYS

Ok let’s get started,

* After all downloads and extractions from Zip, run the prolific driver installer.
* Run the PL2303 remover program, all this does is remove the SER2PL.SYS file from your system.

Let’s do it:

Go to your device manager (your Prolific USB to Serial cable plugged in)
* XP> control panel > System> Hardware tab>Device Manager. Click on “ports (com & LPT)
* Or however you know how to get there!
You should see the “prolific” device, “Prolific USB to Serial COM Port (com#)”  If you don’t it’s not plugged in!
* right click and select “update driver”
*  select “install from a list, or specific place(advanced)
* On the next menu select the radio button “search for the best driver in these locations”
* Deselect the tick box for “search for removable media”
* Select the tick box for “Include this location in the search”
* Browse to the folder where you extracted and saved the SER2PL.SYS file.
* Press next and install the driver.

73’s and good luck

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