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What is Jamulus?

Jamulus is software for playing music, rehearsing, or just jamming with anyone online with low latency. You can use your Windows, macOS or Linux machine to connect to Jamulus servers worldwide. Jamulus is free and you can just use your normal broadband connection. Simply connect to a public server or host your own private one. Jamulus has been in development since 2006 and is designed for high quality, low-latency sound, making it easy to play together remotely and in time. Have a look at how people do it!
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Jamulus worldwide

All over the world Jamulus allows huge choirs to rehearse, loud rock bands to play, and brings folk and classical musicians together. It’s being used for remote music lessons, in schools and universities, in private and in public. Even just for the spoken word – all in real time on the Internet, as if you were there in person.

Help needed?

Have a look at the documentation. Especially consider the troubleshooting section! You can also ask on the forums.

We are jamming every saturday wth friends from the region and beyond on the server Jamulus in Twente – Genre Rock.

Here you can listen to the jamming of musicians on my Jamulus ion Twente server, if they are on line. If not, you will hear a pause theme. Come back later and reefresh the player.

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