Latest Openwrt – APRX images – 19-05-2017

I have added new firmware packages and the latest APRX package in the download section. In case you need firmware for another router, please let me know and I see what I can do.

To install just the package, do as follows….
ssh into your machine (normally something like sss root@(ip-of-machine)
Then change into the tmp directory and execute:

/etc/init.d/aprx stop
chmod 755 aprx_2.9.0-Stable_brcm47xx.ipk
opkg install aprx_2.9.0-Stable_brcm47xx.ipk

In case the installer tells you that you have already the latest package, change the command into:
opkg install aprx_2.9.0-Stable_brcm47xx.ipk –force-download

Erik, pa0esh

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